Saturday, July 25, 2009

Skype 2 My Love

My hubby's currently in Iraq, he's in U.S. military, a proud Navy man. He's got his IA order last year, n he had to leave to Iraq this past March. So he's away from home now...

Yes, we misses him so much. But thanks to all these technologies, we get to talk via online-video-phone called Skype. Unfortunately he can do Skype once a week, for now, because he's ultra busy there... But these couple of weeks, we've been doing Skype video call every Saturday morning my time(like late night in his time). We get to see his face n all, he can see me n kids, this is a great thing.

I have a few friends whose husbands are retired military. These friends of mine always tell me that we are lucky because at least we can talk to each other like this. Back then... I mean their husband served in Vietnam, they didn't have many communication options but letters n stuff... If they tried to make a phone call, though I am not sure if they could, it would have cost a fortune. So anyway, I've heard when they sent a letter to their husbands, it took for a while to get there. Now, if I send a box to my hubby, it only takes about a week. N let's not forget about e-mail, our main communication tool. We can e-mail to each other almost everyday. Isn't that nice? At least I could know if he's fine, he can see what's going on here. Back then, they couldn't do that. The wives could only pray for their husbands, n wait for him to come home, which they probably didn't even know when he's coming home. So... I cannot complain about anything.

Anyway, this, becoming every Saturday morning surprise(?), is definitely my favorite time now!

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