Tuesday, September 8, 2009

There's always a good news, and a bad news... but it's all good to know.

Our daughter Michele is a lil tiny princess. She's very little as her age, which all the doctors we had seen, told us that's because she's a half Japanese. Well, I am not a small girl, especially as a Japanese. But my mom is. So we were told she probably has that in her gene.
Today, I took her for the follow up appointment for her unknown abdominal pain on Sunday. There was nothing found in her urine sample, which is a good thing, but same time they don't know what it was, which concerns me very much. But today, there was more.
The doctor she was seen today was very nice. I would say, for the first time(for Michele), we met the doctor who would concern 120% about her patients. She didn't put the label of "her half-Japanese gene"(not offensive though) on her, about her very light weight. She concerned(but not over concerned) about it, so she sent Michele to the lab n run the blood test. Which is very an easy thing, even though it's not a serious concern. I felt very comfortable talking to this doctor. She was not like scared me or anything about it, but she's more like making sure, which I think all doctors should be.
Unfortunately there are so many doctors who have their strong opinions, n they would just decide what it is without run tests nor even listen to patients very well. If the patient doesn't have fever, then some doctor would say "oh, don't worry." Of course most of time they are right, but still, they would listen to their patients very well, n concern about each single case.
So I finally met the great pediatrician for our kids. N guess what she found?
Poor Michele has an anemic. The doctor told me, I don't have to worry too much about it, n it's still her gene should be a part of her light weight n size, but same time, we may be able to find out the way we can help her gain/grow better. N that's exactly what we would like to hear from the doctor, when we have to face this kind of problems.
Now, it would be a lie if I say I'm not worried. I felt very bad for our little princess, thinking about we could do earlier if we found out before. It may not be a big problem, but I felt her weaker today, only because what we found out today. I am not being a negative about it at all, because now we'll be able to help her being healthier. So this is a good thing that we found out.
But I couldn't help hugging her tighter than usual tonight...

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