Saturday, September 12, 2009

Movie Night: Speed Racer

Speed Racer (2008)

When I watched: September 12, 2009
Where I watched: Home, DVD

I liked the color n the graphic, but the story is a lil complicated in the first half. It's very colorful n bright, n made for kids friendly very much, so I thought my kids would love it, but they end up fell asleep... actually this was our second time... last time they fell asleep in 10mins. after the movie started. The last half is actually fun to watch. More racing n action. So I guess I will try to let kids watch again. If they make it to the last half, they would like it.

The funny thing... I didn't realize until I started to watch this one, but the same actor(Emile Hirsch) in main-role, in 2 movies in one He actually looks like the original Japanese animation character. Yep, this Speed Racer is originaly Japanese Animation, which is very very old, but I've watched it(not in real-time) when I was little. Oh, n I liked the music! They used the original theme song for BGM!

I guess it was good, after all...

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