Thursday, September 3, 2009

Little Shining Full Moon

I found the very nice lil shining full moon, so we went outside n looked at the moon for a while after we took shower... Well now I checked the moon calender, n tomorrow would be full moon night, so it was not completely full moon, I guess... but it was very very beautiful... It was very nice outside too, not hot, not cold, not humid... If this was not a school night, we would have stayed a lil longer...

By the way... Don't you think the moon is mysterious? It changes shape n color n size... I know there is a good explanation if I would look up. But let's leave it just the way it

So what kind of stories do you know about the moon?

In Japan, there is a very very famous old tale about this princess named Kaguya. She was found in a bamboo tree by an old couple, they raised her as their daughter. She was so beautiful, but one day, she had to go home... to the moon. I forgot the all story, but I guess she was beautiful as the moon...

Another one, our tradition, we eat Mochi when the moon is full, n we say there are rabbits on the moon making Mochi... Haha, don't ask me why!

Oh, n in the book of tonight's bed time story, "Anansi's Party Time", it ends the spider n the crab went up to the moon with the 8 balloons, n the balloons went pop n they floated down to the moon. Then they stuck on the moon ever since... So when we see the moon, it said we can see the shapes of the spider or the crab... It's cute!(n this book was the best timing for my kids! Ha!)

Here, people would think about Werewolves when the moon is full...? Anyway, it's mysterious... right?

I like looking at the moon though. When I was little... I thought the moon was chasing me while I was in a car at Not scary way, but funny way. So I didn't get bored just looking at the moon from inside of a car.

N this one. Well it only applies to the place in same time zone, I guess... but for the couples who are having long-distance relationship, they can talk on the phone at nights looking at the same moon... That is so romantic!!! Anyway, it was a very nice time... According to the moon calender, we will have full moon tomorrow, so maybe we can stay outside a lil longer tomorrow night...

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