Saturday, September 26, 2009


I am sooooo craving for chocolate right now!!! Ugh!lol Not any chocolate, well, I would take any Japanese chocolate though. Okay... let's be honest here... I was craving for Japanese chocolate soooooo bad, I've been stealing my kids' chocolate one after another...lmao Those are from Japan, my mom sent it for kids, n it's supposed to be for the treat when John did his study or Michele did something good... N now I'm stealing

Since I was little... I was always a chocolate girl. I couldn't live without My breakfast was ALWAYS toasts with chocolate spread. I love chocolate so much, I even won a live ticket by eating chocolate! By the time I was in high school, I could tell which is what brand chocolate with one I used to start a day with chocolate, end a day with a chocolate. It's not only chocolate was always in my purse, but it was always by the bed too.

But let me tell you... No offence(to who?lol), but Japanese chocolate is nothing like American chocolate. It's not that sweet, I mean, I would say American chocolate is too sweet, like sugar sweet. Compare to that, Japanese chocolate is not too sweet, n taste like 100% So I can eat more n more. This is not only my opinion. My friend Lani, who's a American girl, has experienced Japanese chocolate for her first time, that was like 5 to 6 months ago? Since then, she's addicted to Japanese chocolate too!lol It's THAT good!

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