Saturday, September 19, 2009

Movie Night: Knowing

Knowing (2009)

When I watched: September 19, 2009
Where I watched: Home, DVD

Hmm... Kinda scary... Well, I mean kinda scary overall, but how it ended scared me most. Like, I hope it won't happen!lol

Actually John watched all to the end with me. I would be scared watching this movie if I was his age. I don't think he really understood the movie, but to me, it would be a nightmare if I dream about it... I hope he won't dream about it...

See, this kinda story... the stories about "the end of the world"... it's interesting, but I get scared. I still cannot think that day would come. I am the person who say, "someon e really smart would think of something really good by the time comes." Not knowing anything, but I guess I'm hoping so.

Nicolas Cage was good in this movie as well. His movies are always good, though I am not a big fan. I mean, I like his movies, but he's not my That's all. So, of course this is one of his good movies... I am not sure if I wanna watch it again, just because I'm kinda

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