Friday, September 18, 2009

Tattoo! Ha!

Yep, I got my first tattoo today! The top one is mine, the second one is Lani's, n the third one is Carla's.

Mine is about 5 to 6 inch? It took a little over an hour I think, it didn't hurt as I expected. This kinda pain, totally I can handle, I would Well the part I got, which is below my neck between the shoulder blades, is probably not really a painful spot.

In case you didn't read the post I wrote about why I pick this design... This cross-anchor is the symbol of my hubby's rate in Navy. He loves what he does, n I would say he's born to be a boatswain mate. I am really proud of him for what he does n how he does. So that's kinda one way to show him my love, maybe?lmao

Anyway, it was fun! It was good I went with my friends too! I already sent this pic to my hubby, but can't wait til he comes home n actually sees it!

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