Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Cricket in Our Bathroom

We have a cricket living in our bathroom. It's been about a week? Or maybe more. I don't know how long it supposed to live, but it's still alive... First I heard this noise in our bathroom, because we leave the fan... the ventilator... whatever on in our bathroom, I thought it came from there. You know, sometime it makes unknown noise? It sure was annoying, but what I could do about it?

But then, the other day, I was cleaning the bathroom floor, I found out the noise is not coming from the ceiling, but somewhere on the floor. I looked around... well... so that was when I realized that all this time that noise was actually (possibly) a cricket. But where? I don't see it anywhere... first of all, I would be already freaked out if I saw it there, second of all, I highly doubt it would just stay in our bathroom so long... Then I was looking at one possible place... The plunger... It was in the plastic cover sittin on the corner behind of the toilet... Yea, the noise sure came from there... I moved the plunger a lil bit, n the noise stopped. Then it started again, so I touched again, then it stopped! A-HA!

So I cautiously opened the plunger cover... I definitely didn't want it to jump out on me! But I don't see it. I know that you are in I didn't have guts to look through. I hate Hmm... I guess it is IN the plunger... I thought that I could use the plunger so it would come out n all I have to do is flush. But I just didn't. Well, I thought it would die soon...

Obviously it has a long life. I thought it lives only a week or so? No? So now every time I go to the bathroom, I touch the top of the plunger n give a lil shake n it stops. But now, it gets smarter, so it stops making its noise when I walk to the bathroom! Even before get in there! Ha! Isn't that funny?

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  1. That is funny! If its been alove this long it shouldnt be much longer, unless its drinking the plunger water hahaha.

    I recently realized you were so close. Maybe we should do lunch sometime...?


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