Friday, September 25, 2009

Positive Thoughts 101: Enjoy your "Down Time"

I haven't update my blog enough lately, huh? Well, been busy? Yes n No. It was, more like... I've been in my down time... You know I'm an unbeatable positive person, but I'm not afraid to admit that I sometimes have these time as well. Depression? Nah, it's nothing like that. There's not even cause. Just feel like doing absolutely nothing. N my body's like sleepy n sleepy even after I took 10 hours

I think it's natural though. I believe we all have "Up time" n "Down time". You know, there are days you feel so energize, n there are days you don't wanna do anything at all. Sometimes there's a reason to it, but my theory is it's just a natural thing. So I would just let time solve it. N I would say...

#4 Enjoy your "Down Time"

When you have this "down time", sometimes you don't have to seek why. We all sometimes have these days don't feel like doing anything. It doesn't mean we are in depression, it doesn't mean we are not happy. So, in your free time, just sleep or read book or watch TV... just don't think much.

Not only that, when you have "down time", next it comes to "up time". Yea, just like there's always up hill after down hill. So this "down time" is just a prelude of your "up time".

See, I basically enjoyed my "down time".lol Is that because I'm just a happy person??

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