Monday, August 2, 2010

August 3rd...

Yep, tomorrow is the due date, n yet I don't feel anything! Wait, it's still August 2nd in Hawaii time, huh?lol Anyway I have an appt. tomorrow, I might have to stay at the hospital then, if so I won't be able to come home over a week... Here in Japan, they keep us at hospital for about a week after the birth. If this was my first, that would be good, but i've done this twice already, I know the drill! I would be more comfortable at home... Oh well.

Anyway, all of us really can't wait for this baby girl to decide to come out. We never expected not to see her till this far. I bought many newborn size clothes for her, which is, up to 8lbs. it said... This baby girl probably be over 8lbs. N this is the longest pregnant for me obviously, n tell you what, this only a couple of weeks difference make it really really harder... Now I forgot what's labor like, n feel like that she just wanna stay inside of me forever!lol Haha. I hope not. I hope I'll see her very very soon!

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