Saturday, August 7, 2010

While we are waiting...

While we are waiting for this baby girl to be born... Hehehe... I got a new camera! A good good camera! It's for the baby, of course, but also for taking nice pictures of this beautiful place. In this South area of Japan, Kyuushuu, we can drive to many great places in few hours. Now I could go in labor anytime so we didn't try too far, but we've already seen some great views within 2hours driving. So... We need a good camera, I

Then I had been figuring out how to transfer pictures from PC to iPad using WiFi(just being lazy to connect n all...), since I am not a Mac user, it was confusing... Then again, I am a geek mom!lol

OK, these are the pics I took last week...

We were at the SA(Service Area - Rest Stop on Expressway), SA in Japan usually has a little park with a nice view. They also sell yummy food.:)) Chris loves to stop at these

So... We are still waiting n waiting for our baby to be born, n I will try to upload a lot of pics here!

- Posted from my iPad;))

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