Saturday, August 14, 2010

Welcome to the World!(Finally!)

Sunday, August 15th, 2010. 8:01a.m.
Ilah Natsu Hagan
3582g(almost 8lbs.), 52cm(20.47in.)

She's FINALLY here!!! It was a very very long road... Yep, 41wks 4days.

My water broke at 4am on Friday, so we went to the clinic. The contraction was still mild, so obviously we knew it would be a long day. But we didn't expect this long... It took 24 hours to get the "real" contractions!

But the worst part was not that... I had the worst, horrible pain for next 4 hours, until she came out!!! I mean, it's not just because they don't give me epidural, but the position she was facing was not easy way(that's I was told by the midwife later). So she didn't come low easily, n also it was very hard to push her out. The doctor was actually surprised that I could push her out after all. Again, I was in the worst pain though. I'm glad that's But now... ALL, I really mean ALL of my body hurts! I cannot even pick up my newborn baby, I can't even hold a bottle drink. It takes 5mins to get out of bed, a couple of mins to turn my side on the bed. I walk like a zombie, you know, legs are opened n limping, plus ultra slow. Basically all I can do is this on my iPhone!lol The good thing, I will have to stay in his clinic for another 5days, n nurses will take care of the baby unless we don't want them to do, plus Chris will stay here with me so he can be my arms n legs(more like a walker). Sad part, I couldn't even hold my new camera to take pictures of Ilah... Only on iPhone for now.:(( Oh well, I have tons of time!

Anyway, enough about my crap, I am... we are so happy to see our newborn baby, finally. She's super duper cute, n she seems a very good girl(not much crying!). I just wish I could pick her up so I could spend more time with her... More about Baby Ilah will be up!

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