Sunday, August 29, 2010

2 Weeks Old

Baby Ilah is 2 weeks old now! Wow... It was long until she was born, then it's been so fast after that. She's so precious...

I know that I should enjoy this time, this moment. This is my third time( obviously), n I never thought I was gonna get to experience again after 2 children.

The whole pregnancy with her was not pleasant. It was so hard for me, I didn't even think about how happy I would be after the baby's born. Then the labor was so painful, I thought she changed her mind n decided to stay inside of me To be honest, when I heard her crying for the first time, the first thing I thought was "Thank god it's over!". Then the nurse brought her to me n I held her in my arm... Everything was changed.

This might be my third time, but every time is a full of happiness. Everyday is something new. If somebody asks that if I would like to do that again, I don't think the answer would be "yes"(my theory, it gets harder with age... N if I do it again, I need to do in the states for sure!), but I'm definitely glad that I got pregnant with this girl, my baby Ilah.

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  1. She's beautiful Maki. It's amazing how once they're here you can never imagine not having them, right?

    Is the I in her name pronounced like "ai" or like "ee"?

  2. It sounds "ai", it's my mom in law's name, n it's Irish name.:))

    N u r totally right! I mean I knew I would be in love with this baby too, but while I was pregnant, I couldn't see I wouldn't wanna do it again, but I can say that all the pain n discomfort, that was worth it!


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