Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Best Daddy

Yep, I am talking about my hubby, Chris. He's been so helpful, n a very very very good daddy to Baby Ilah. Some might say, most of fathers are just in love with their newborns, so they would do same. If so, that's good for them too. But I am very impressed with Chris this time.

As I said, because of the painful n long labor, n also probably my age too, my body is now very useless. Today, Day2, my muscle hurts even more... We were trying to sleep with her in our room last night, but every time she started cry, I had to ask him to take care of her. N he did a tremendous job every time! She was crying cuz she was hungry, then he held her in one arm, made a bottle with the other. I know it's not a super difficult thing, but looking at him doing that at very first night made me proud of him.:))

I wonder how many fathers actually do "baby duty" without wives asking? I know most of my friends' husbands do that, but I've heard some don't do at all. Like here in Japan, especially in old traditional style couples, fathers don't really take care of babies, that I've heard. Of course not all of them, but I wonder, those fathers who don't do "baby duty", I understand that they have to go to work as usual n all(good thing for me that Chris gets 10days off from work), but don't they feel joy from feeding baby or changing diapers? I know they love their babies, but just want to look at them smiling? Baby crying is annoying for them?

Mothers. We feel n find happiness from each moments with our babies, even with stinky diaper or loud crying. But how about fathers? How many fathers feel same way as mothers? Well, of course not probably exactly same, but close feeling. Is that too much to ask?

Back to my hubby. He was not this good with our first one(well he was not home with us when John was born, he came home from the deployment a month later), with our second child he was doing better but not as this time. I mean, he's been helpful with those two n I was very satisfied, but this time, I am like more impressed. He's that good now maybe because she's our third child, maybe now he's more "daddy" than anything. I just feel happier having him as my hubby.:))

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