Saturday, August 28, 2010

Her Favorite Bottles n Binkies

First, we found these pacifiers at the store. We loved these right away, because of it looks. I grabbed the one says "I (heart) mama" n Chris grabbed the one says "Papa is the best!", n we had to get

She's been very good with pacifiers, so we knew she would take those new ones no problem. Then she tried... She loved it! She doesn't even spit it out!

Meanwhile she was having some problems with bottles. I did both breastfeeding n bottle feeding, about 50/50 to both John n Michele, n I am planning same way to Ilah. But it seems I'm making more breast milk this time, I would say I breastfeed her over 80% of time now. But still, sometimes it's not enough, so I have to use bottles. The thing is, she's getting picky about "nipple". Well, not just "nipple" for us. Milk leaks from some bottles, or she spills milk right out from her mouth... With some bottles, milk doesn't come out n she suck so hard she gets tired without getting any milk...

Then we remembered that they sell the same brand bottles as that pacifiers at the same store. We went to the store n we got the bottles(with same Guess what, she loves it too! Or should I say we love it?lol Anyway, she drinks milk so smooth with this bottle, n no spills from her mouth! We found the right bottle for her!

I found their website, didn't know that is Swiss Not only its' looks, but its' quality is great as well. Their product is 100% Bisphenol A free, Phtalate, PVC. Visit bibi at for more information.

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