Sunday, August 15, 2010

Feel like a Princess

OK, they didn't give me epidural n I had the worst pain... But they sure treat me like a princess!

This morning, they offered me facial massage n all. Actually I never experienced those spa thing. I don't know I always felt that it's just wasting money cuz there won't be anything I can keep after that. Same amount of money for it, I could buy something good, that's how I felt. But since it's free for me(thx to Tricare!), of course I accepted it. It was not only a facial massage, but neck n shoulder, legs n feet... Even my face, I never had somebody to massage my face like I sure felt like a princess!

Then, today's lunch was SPECIAL. It supposed to be a group lunch with other moms, but since my body don't really work with me, I had it in my room. So please take a look...

I am not sure what kind of soup, but it was good with rolls!

All kind of seafood on spinach. Mmmm... Gooood!

Green salad, loved it.

Steak n vegetable... Yummy!

N desert! Can you believe that?

Man, am I spoiled or what?lol Well, I'm still in a lot of pain though.

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  1. OMG U are so lucky!!!! but you deserve it...u accomplished something that i was always scared of...givin birth without u are a hero in my book!!!! baby is so enjoy this pampering!!!



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