Thursday, October 8, 2009

Missing Rainy Days...

I miss those rainy days... Not like just raining, but raining all day, nothing but raining... Like almost get tired of looking at raining... that kinda rainy days, I

I mean, I don't even like rain... especially if I HAVE TO go somewhere. But looking at raining from inside of buildings is fun... n

When it's raining so hard, don't you feel like you have to stay home? Then I would be so excited, thinking what we can do inside the house... OK, yes, we are in the house now... n like today, we didn't even step out the house... But it's not same!lol If it's raining all day n there's no way we can go out... Then I would bring all possible inside-camping-kit n enjoy camping in the house with kids. Now if it's not raining outside, n if I did that... I would feel so

But not only that, if it's raining outside, it would make me feel that it's okay sitting on the couch n reading a book ALL Well, even it's sunny outside, I'm doing that anyway... but I would feel a lil guilt-less if it was raining... that's what I'm

I also love to go "driving" in the rain. Maybe it's because I'm not the one who's actually, honey!) Town looks difference when it's raining, don't you think? Well, most of people would be busy being careful driving not to get accident... I don't drive, so I enjoy the view N I feel like we go somewhere new, even we take same road. I get excited like that.

So... I miss rainy days... n just thinking about those rainy days makes me miss my

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