Monday, October 5, 2009

It's Fall, so Let's read!

OK, that's what we say in Japan. Fall is the season for reading, eating, sports... Maybe because it's not hot anymore, it's not too cold yet, but not warm either? Oh But it's very true that I really feel like reading in this time of year. So, why not?

This year... I decided to try to read English books. I tried a few time before, but I couldn't get into it. Maybe I picked a wrong book. I mean, I read books... Japanese books. I am not a heavy reader, but I do like reading. N I LOVE bookstores! I can spend all day in a bookstore. I spend at least $50 each time I visit a bookstore, n I didn't even read any books in Well I buy a lot of kids books n stationary... but I've bought some books for me too, just didn't really read

But now, since I've been into this Blog world n I've read so many blogs, now I felt that I finally am ready for reading books in English. I know there're so many great books. My best friend suggested me to read "Twilight", she said it's very easy to get into it. Hmm...

So my last visit to Borders, I was searching the right book for me. I wanted to read something like... love story with a little adventure? So maybe "Twilight" is a right choice. But I wanted something a lil more Actually I was looking for "The Notebook" because I really liked the movie, but I couldn't find it. Then this book caught my eyes. "The Time Traveler's Wife" I haven't watched this movie, but I am very interested in this story.

But here's the thing. Usually, I just grab n buy it. Then come home, start to read, don't even really get into the story, get bored... This time, fortunately I had time, I had Michele with me but she was asleep in her stroller. So I opened the book, n read the first page... N I found it's written kinda like a diary, which I like. It seems easy enough for me to get into I guess I found the book for me! Yay!

Now, of course I am a very slow reader when it comes to the books in English. But hey, I've read about 30 pages so far! That's a new record for me!lmao The good thing is I really like to know what's next, even this story is just started! So I think I will be fine with this book...

Oh, by the way, I also bought "Twilight" as well. When(not if) I finish reading "The Time Traveler's Wife", I will try to read "Twilight". I believe my best friend's

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  1. Hate reading but love to read this.


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