Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dear My Friend

Dear my friend,

After I could say a good-bye to you with smile at the airport, now I finally can tell you how I really feel... I didn't wanna cry, I didn't want you to cry, n I could only pretend I was fine, that's the only way to avoid tears... I am not good at dealing with my emotion, besides tears are not our

We were always joking about something(n somebody?lol), n we'll keep doing that. We always made each other laugh, n we'll continue doing that too. We may not be able to see each other for a lil while, that doesn't mean our friendship is gonna be changed. I admit that I feel a little emptiness without you(who am I gonna talk s**t about ppl with, right???), but we'll be fine because we know that we'll see each other again(for sure! I'm gonna make sure that we will!lol).

We should not be sad about this short good-bye, because I am so glad that I met you. I am so glad that we could spend all this time together. N I am so glad that we became best friends.

I won't say "I will not forget about you." because this is not the end!(Besides... that's just so impossible to forget about you, right? I won't be able to forget about you even if I tried!lmao) It's just the end of our first season!(Yea, it's always more powerful in the second season...

So I didn't cry, it was not because I was okay. But we didn't cry because that's the way we are. So... Thank you for "not" crying but smiling with me all the way. Thank you for letting us be the way we are. N, thank you for being such a good friend!


From your very first Japanese friend who made you try sushi, who also brought you into the world of "Japanese chocolate"...lmao

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  1. Always and forever!!! Walking away from you guys with a smile on my face was one of the hardest thing I have had to do in along time!!! But I know things will never ever change and thats what made it ok not to cry!!!


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