Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kids Power!

If you have children... You would understand how I feel... Kids give us this unexpected power all the time... They do n they say something we didn't expect, n make us laugh. They are so silly, they are so smart, they are so innocent, n they are so cute.

This picture of Michele, I didn't even know she was there while I was typing on the computer(yea, I focus into Then she called me "Mommy, look!" There she is, sitting next by me. Nothing so special, she was just wearing the kids' safety goggles, which I don't even know where she found from, but she just made me laugh.

Yesterday, yea I gotta tell you this one(actually two...), we went to take flu shots to the clinic. Kids were terrified, so I promised them that I would take them to Target n get 1 toy each after the flu shot. But what we got was not shots, but those nasal spray. It didn't even bother them. Then we got out the clinic, n John said;

"Mommy I liked that guy."


"The guy who sprayed in our nose. Because he didn't hurt us."

"Yea? That was easy, huh?"

"Yes, so I liked him, but DON'T MARRY HIM."


"Because he's too old to marry" he said...

FYI, the guy who gave us nasal mist was probably 20

Then on the way home, all of sudden he asked me;

"Mommy, what is your favorite things to do? SLEEPING or EATING?"

"...that is so rude, My favorite thing to do is actually spending time with you guys."

Then he goes...
"Whatever you say! I thought your favorite thing to do is sleeping, because that's you always do!" cruel kids can be, huh?lol

But they make us laugh like that all the time, n we never expect what they do or say... That's I call Kids Power!

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