Thursday, March 4, 2010

John’s Tooth

It’s been about a week… John’s bottom tooth had been wiggly. It would be his first tooth lose, so he’s all freaked out! It’s been so wiggly but the root was also strong. So we’ve been fighting with this tooth.
Last night, as every night, we were trying to pull his tooth. The way his dad do is, just pushing the tooth little by little, well it helps make it more wiggle, but it also hurts. So John didn’t want his dad to touch his tooth
John was asking us for the new(?) Sonic game. We wouldn’t get that with no reason. Then I thought…
“John, if you pull that tooth out today, we’ll buy that game for you!”
Now, John got all excited. He locked in the bathroom, n started to work on his tooth all by his self. He came out every 5mins or so, then show us how wiggly it got. It looked more crocked, seemed it’s ready to pulled. So I helped him… but this time, it’s my way.
“One… Two… THREE!'”
I pulled it quick!
“Aw… aw? It didn’t hurt!”
Ha-ha! Mother knows best!lol Finally, that all drama n all crying with this lil tooth is over… Well, I know that more to come, but at least now he knows that ‘mom won’t hurt me!’lol
Look at this goofy smile…lol  Oh, I’m so glad it finally came off. He couldn’t eat much lately because of this tooth.
Now, we gotta keep the promise we told him… So we ran to Game Stop, n got the game he wanted…
He’s super-duper happy! Well, that’s what we want after all… Then…
“I still get the money from Tooth Fairy!”
Of course… He didn’t forget. For him, this game is from dad n mom, so it’s nothing with Tooth Fairy…
We don’t have Tooth Fairy in Japan. What we say when our tooth came off is, if it’s a bottom tooth, we throw it to the sky, n if it’s a top tooth, we throw it to the ground. That’s all. No
So I’ve seen n heard about this all Tooth Fairy thing, I kinda like it. I just wasn’t so sure if a quarter would make this kid satisfied after he got this game from his dad n mom. Well, I don’t mean to spoil him, but what could he get with a quarter??? He finds those coins everywhere in the house… Should it be a dollar? But still… With the dollar, so he can get another M&M? So we… more like I decided…
Yep. In this house, Tooth Fairy would drop $5 for each tooth.
“Mommy! Look! 5 bucks!!!”
That was my alarm this morning… I’m just happy that he’s happy…

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