Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ameba Pico

Do you remember I introduced the Japanese blog site which has those avatar social network thingy? Guess what I found… They started U.S. version on FB! Yay!
It’s basically same, more face figures, less items for now. It’s just like those FB App games like YoVille n others. It’s cuter
For those who confuse n think “WTH is this game?” “What do I do?”, let me tell you a lil…lol
There’s no farm to crop, just communicate to others will give you “gummies”. If you listen to the ‘how to start’ kinda demo, you’ll get 5 tokens, which you can exchange to anything in the shop. To buy items, you will need that token or Ameba Gold. You can buy Ameba Gold via PayPal, or I guess there’re another way to earn Ameba Gold. You also can buy some of items with gummies as well, mostly in vender machines. You can earn gummies by doing some new stuff(moving furniture, changing clothes, go travel, e.t.c.), or get Pico Props. Usually if you give Props, you’ll get Props back.
So this is my Pico, n my room!
In Japanese one, it’s connected with their blog service, so we can earn gold by blogging n stuff. I am not sure how far they will go with this U.S. version… I hope there will be more in the future.
Wow… I talked so geeky… That’s enough!lmao


  1. i just found this and love it but where do i buy the time machine so i can travel

  2. Hi, Stephanie! Thank you for the comment!

    You can buy the time machine when you go travel then click the stone age, when you don't have the time machine, it will ask you if you wanna buy the time machine so you can go to the stone age...:))

  3. heheh, i played it, too :), do you know where we can "team up nad beat monster" ?

  4. how do you but a time machine

  5. hi how do u team up and beat the monster i aready watched the volcanic explosion i met the dinosaur i got a time machine i just need to know how to beat the monster and team up

  6. how do u meet the dinosaur and beat the monster?

  7. how to meet dinosaur?

  8. yeah i need to know how to beat the monster

  9. To beat the monster, you need to go to the pirate ship. Have everyone stand next to the canon, then have everyone click on the canon at the same time to shoot out canon balls. If you time it correctly, you can defeat the monster :)

  10. how cAn u meet the dinosaur and dance?

  11. how do i meet the dinosaur so i can get a star??

  12. how to meet the dolphin at hawaii ??

  13. okay to get a star for the find the dolphin how do you find this dolphin???

  14. ur website stinks k?

  15. dinosaur- you should dance there(that stone age dance). But How to meet dolphin?

  16. How do you meet the dinosaur?

  17. how do i ear token and gummies but not propsing and ring is there any
    thing else?? stephaine

  18. for some reason...all my clothes are gone from my inventory and i can't change my clothes...i REALLY NEED HELP...please find a way to help me

  19. Hey Who Here Plays oW?

  20. to meet the dolphin, go to sparkling ocean, wear a swimsuit go to upper right side and wait to the dolphin......... how to team up and beat the monster??

  21. I have tries these and it takes time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I'd been playing this game lately and it was great. Get props to have gummies and share food to other pico ring their room. Really great.

  23. I completed All the quests And its pretty easy..
    1.Meet the Dolphin,go to the sparkling ocean,Wear a swimsuit , Swim to the Upper right side wait for some fishes to come by and u tail/follow them and Use your "HELLO" Action :)And You completed the quest

    2.The cheat to Win 100 Times In Any Games
    Use A New Account To Help u Or Make One
    U will need to open 2 facebook accounts but..
    U can use ur computers or ur laptop..
    After that go to any game u want to Get 100 times wins .. u click on the board make sure ur new account and ur other account that u want to complete the quest with is playing together..
    use ur new account and give up As many times as u want :) And The Quest Completes :'].

    3.To see the Fire Dance
    Ask Everyone to Sit At their Places And Use the "Hula Dance" Emote all of u must be using the hula dance emote and all must be seated.. they will appear in 30 mins after 1 stage performance everytime :)And Quest Completes

    4.Team Up And Beat the Monster..
    Gather all ur friends near the Cannon..
    U count to 5 And everyone clicks On the Cannon
    And then u will see the monster it will be green or maybe brown in color.. And when its dead u will Complete the Quest :)

    5.A Cheat To Earn Ameba Gold..
    U Can Buy it With ur Phone For $5.00USD Its Really easy u get up to 300 or maybe 500ag :)
    And There :) Please add my Email for more details :
    Thank you I hope i helped :)!

  24. Please Take Note That this Cheat for : No.2 The Earlier Posted comment Will Take A few Days or A few weeks to complete like 3 days or 2 days but i finished mine in 2 weeks :) So please Take Note
    Thank you
    Please add my Email for more details :

  25. Hi guys, Im Expert On Ameba Pico So.. I Been Through All the Quests Execpt The Win Reversi 100 Times and other games.. Well here are some of the Cheats And Codes :')

    Here are all of the actions/emoticons that are on Pico.

    /big~grow (was for April Fools Day only)



    /stand~stand up




    /hungry~knife and fork




    /thumb~thumb up

    /fun~music note


    press tab and click~skate walk

    /zzz then /stand~stand up with eyes closed

    Watch Volcano explosion
    Ok so all you have to do is get 10 people to
    do the volcano dance. You can buy one for only
    one token or 50 AG. When 10 people dance the
    volcano will erupt and you get your star.

    Team up and beat the monster

    To beat the monster you need to get
    people to click on the canons and shoot
    the monster. The monstwe will come out
    of the water and look like a big, white blob.
    After shooting it a few times it will turn red
    and go back down in the water.

    To get the dinosaur to come out
    you need to do the volcano dance. You
    likely have to have 10 people dancing
    like most of the time. When everyone
    is danching the dinosaur will come out
    and walk throught the center of the
    room, but wont really dance

    Find the Dolphin in the Sparkling Ocean
    To see the Dolphins, you need to stand
    on the right edge of the island at the
    Sparkling Ocean. You now need two
    picos to wave at the same time.

    Watch the Fire Dance at Sunset Beach
    To see the dancers you need to get 10 people to
    do the hula dance on the dock at Sunset Beach.
    The hula dance can be purchased for only one
    token or 150 AG. When everyone dances
    about 4-6 dancers will come out and start dancing

    Witness a ghost somewhere in Edo Jokamachi
    If you go there, you will most likely see a bunch of
    picos dancing under the tree by the dock. They are
    WRONG. You DO NOT need to spend your tokens
    or AG on the dance to see the ghost. Also, the dude
    that walks by with Buckets of water and the guys that
    bring the tent and stop for you to shop are not the
    ghost. To see the REAL ghost you need to go by the
    tree next to the dock at around 7-10pm. I saw him
    at 10:00. He has long black hair and 2 flames by him
    and keep on repeating "I bet you can see me..." and
    starts laughing. Click him for star.

    Meet the Edo lord in Ooku Hallway
    This one may be a little difficult. Everyone has to sit down in
    a seat. Some people like to stand in the middle of the room
    to annoy the people who need stars. All you need to do is
    sit down and be patient. When everyone is seated a guy
    that looks a lot like a girl will come down the middle with
    a group of people behind him. At that about 1/3 of the people
    will get up and stand by him or walk with him because you
    no longer need to sit.

    Its A tip for getting Ameba Gold..
    Well you can see The Facebook Credits And Usally
    You Can Just Complete Offers Or use Your Mobile Phone to Get The Facebook Credits.. In order to get the Facebook Credits You Can Use ur Mobile Phone Like I did .. U Put in ur phone number and click Summit and a few mins the thing will pop up on ur Mobile Phone.. And after u finish what they asked to do on the Message... (MAKE SURE U WEREN'T PLAYING AMEBA PICO) you go back on Ameba Pico And you Will Have 500 Ameba Gold
    And Only The Mobile Will Cost $5.00USD Dollars/Bucks :') Really Cheap I bought $10.00USD :)

    I hope you Enjoy It :)
    on the dock.

  26. how did you earn ameba gold?


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