Monday, February 22, 2010

Windows 7

We got ourselves Dell Laptops for Christmas present. Yep, one for me, one for him.:)) Now we are experiencing Windows 7. I liked XP better than Vista, but I had a good feeling about Windows 7.
Since I do some graphic work for my hobby(?), I always wanted Mac, but here is the problem. The software I use is all for Windows. N they are expensive… If I switch to Mac, I will have to buy whole new software… that will cost almost same as Mac itself. So I’m still stuck with Windows…
Ok, now, I installed my Adobe Photoshop n Illustrator… Photoshop worked, but Illustrator doesn’t start! What!?!?!? Oh, btw, those are not new version…lol That may be why, but still… It worked no problem in XP!
Then I found this. In Control Panel, there is Programs and Features, inside there, there is “Run programs made for previous version of Windows”. Click that, then follow the instruction, it will search the programs that have problems with Windows 7. Of course I found Adobe Illustrator in there, so I click there, n it let me choose to use XP for this software. Now… Ta-da! I can use Illustrator! I thought this is great!
I mean, I like other features in Windows 7 so far, like this Windows Live Writer. Well, since we are using Wi-fi, we are always connected to Internet, but if I go somewhere with my laptop n decide to write blog somewhere doesn’t have internet connection… I still can write n save it. I think it’s cool. OK, gotta be honest, actually this is the first time for me to use this Windows Live But it has preview tab n stuff, so I think this would work.
What else… It’s basically same Windows, so easy to use, n of course it’s faster. I am pretty sure I will find more about Windows 7, n I will keep update!

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