Friday, February 19, 2010

First Ultra Sound

Alright... I am gonna start Baby Blog, I It's always exciting to see these ultrasound pics! So since I am in "over 35yrs old" category(well, I just turned 35 though...), hey look at the bright side! I can get more ultrasound appointments! Yay! These are my 13wks ultrasound pics.:))

January 29, 2010 -13w2d-
"The baby looks GREAT!"

The baby's still little, but we can see his/her face n tammy!

He/she is rubbing his/her face with his/her arm! Like a kitty!lol

Now he/she's rubbing his/her eye with his/her right(?) hand! So cute!

This first ultrasound is to see if there's either a high risk or a low risk for the baby to have down syndrome, because the pregnancy in "over 35yrs old" category have more risk for down syndrome. What they see is that they measure the back of neck size of the baby, if the size is bigger then more risk for down syndrome. Fortunately, our baby looks GREAT!!

I also had the blood exam n all, it all came back with "low risk"! Now I gotta take GOOD care of this baby!

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