Thursday, May 13, 2010


A lil late mother's day gift... Yes! I got iPad!!!

Well, mainly it's mine, but we thought it would be great for the long flight for kids. They can watch movies(which I did download a HD movie on my PC this morning, yea, it took only 4hrs...:((), the good thing is the battery lasts 10 hours, it's very light, no DVDs to carry, n we found headphone splitter so both kids can connect their headphones. Oh, btw, watching movies or videos on iPad is great! I've seen some negative reviews about the quality, but to me, it's better than those portable DVD players. Even not HD movies.

OK, I'm still playing with this, my new toy, n I had to find a way to blog on iPad, of course.:)) I downloaded this app called 'Blog Cast' n trying right now, the problem was there's no connection to digital cameras(I think). It seems that the one of way is using sync via iTunes from PC, which would be no meaning blogging on iPad. Or I can take pics on my phone n e-mail it, save it on iPad, then blog. That's what I did now. But then, why don't I just moblog from my phone? I hope they will have some kinda way to upload pics directly from digital cameras... Or is there??? But anyway, it's easy to type compare to those touch phones, just because touch pad is much bigger, I guess.

Other than those... Still checking other apps, tried one game, it's fun, well we don't use iPhone so we are like "WOW!!".lol I like those apps for kids too. N they have some interactive kids books using iBooks too, which look great.

Overall so far, I really like it.:))

- Posted from my iPad;))

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