Saturday, May 8, 2010

Movie Night: Where the Wild Things Are


Where the Wild Things Are (2009)

When we saw this movie’s preview at the movie theater, I mean just watching the preview made me almost cry…lol Well, it’s probably just me, I’m very weak for ‘monsters with good heart’ kinda Of course I didn’t know this was based on the famous children book til my friend told me, so we got this book(with the plushy doll of one of the monsters for John) right away…lol

Then we couldn’t go to see this movie at the theater, n same time I heard not-so-good reviews about this movie. What I heard was, it’s not a very fun movie for kids to watch. Hmmm… But John loves the book already, so he wanted to watch. I was kind of worried if he would finish watching this movie without getting bored…

Actually we really liked it. It was definitely way too difficult(boring?) for Michele. She didn’t fall asleep though. The story was a lil difference than the original story from the book. I would say… more deep? I didn’t think John really understood the story, though he said he understood the movie n enjoyed it when I asked him. Oh well, if he enjoyed, that’s good.

I really enjoyed it too. It reminded me of my childhood, ‘imaginary-world’ like most of us should have. And same time, it reminds me that we should not forget how we used to feel, how our kids feel.

When I was a lil girl, I was… probably 7 or 8 yrs old… One day I was staying at my cousin’s house. I have twins girls cousins who are just a year older than me. We didn’t live so far either, so we are very close. Anyway, that day, my aunt was mad at us about something… I don’t remember what we did, but it made us feel that “adults would never understand us, kids!” So this three girls thought that we should go somewhere else all by ourselves. Well, it’s not dynamic as ‘run-away’, we probably thought, just a lil adventure. First we went to the train station(which is just a local train), bought cheapest tickets, n hop on a train! Of course we didn’t go that far…lol I guess we got scared? We called our parents from the next stop(which is probably 3 minutes train ride). Oh yea, we got in a big trouble, but we thought we made the point. The point was “We(kids) can do anything if we really want to!” that was, I think.

Of course I was in Japan, n it’s almost 30yrs ago, so it was a lot safer than now, but now I’m a mother, if my kids did that because I didn’t explain to them good enough? I’m not blaming on my aunt for what we did. Yes, we were wrong. Now I know. But would kids understand that? Because I had this little experience, I would say it’s all up to us, parents. We are the one who have to think how they feel. It’s easy to forget especially when we are frustrated. But even just once, we show them that we are not trying to understand them, they might feel left out, they might do something stupid. When we have to teach kids something, we have to make sure that kids understand why we are telling them so.

That’s how I felt, I was reminded by watching this movie. Well… I almost cried the last ‘monsters’ scene too, but that was just because I’m weak for those ‘monsters with good hearts’.lol

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