Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Heat Teck

It's getting cooooooold!!! It'd been 5yrs since last time we had a real winter time(if I count out San Diego too, cuz it still was not this cold!), it'd been 7yrs since last time I had Japanese winter. So I've almost forgot what it's like in this face rippin cold air. But Japanese ppl are very smart when it comes to "stay warm but not look like stuffing doll".

Heat tech. They made this material very thin but very warm. With this heat tech material, this inner shirts are great for us females, we can wear these without look I already bought some of it, n I am wearing today. It sure is warm n comfortable. They have many colors n designs now, so it looks just like regular long shirts n you can coordinate n all, but it much warmer than regular shirts.

Now, they didn't just make shirts with this Heat tech material. They made this down jacket with this Heat Teck, which is called Ultra Light Premium Down Jacket. I got one for me, one for John, n one for Michele. I was gonna get for my hubby as well, but all the sizes they have are "Japanese Size" which is way too small for American guys' shoulders n arms. *I am pretty sure they sell American size at UNIQLO in N.Y. If you are interested. (UNIQLO is Japanese Brand which is as known as inexpensive brand, n is most popular brand when it comes to Heat Teck kind. They've opened the store in N.Y. sometime this year.)

I haven't started to wear mine yet, but kids are already wearing because morning is freezing cold everyday. It's still November, which means it still will be colder, but we might be okay with this Heat tech thing this winter.;))

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  1. Ohh but maybe that's quite expensive.


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