Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I am very excited! I found this in Fukuoka. I already knew that I would take it home with me even before I took it in my hands. What I didn't know about was it is K&Company products, so I was sure that I wouldn't regret about spending money on this when I saw the logo. Let me introduce my new partner, SMASH*!

It's a scrapbook / journal book. Very cute inside, a lot of pages with all different pattern papers. They have some types, it has all different color on the side of binders. I bought a pink one "Pretty Pink" which is all pretty girly theme pattern papers inside, and a mint green one "Baby" which is obviously the baby theme. The inside of pink one is like this;

It's just a few of them here but actually this book contains a lot of pages! For a scrapbooker like me would feel happy just looking at blank pages of this book!

Each book comes with this awesome pen which is a pen on one side and a stick glue on the other side!

I paid about 2000yen, I think. It's not bad at all. I also bought a pink pen, a blue pen, and some of their accessories.

So after I brought this babies home, of course I did some research about this products. I guess it's popular in the states (for scrapbookers, at least), and there are many you tube videos of how to and all. This one is the official one;

It looks so fun! Doesn't it?? I can watch this video over and over! I love scrapbook, and I can't help checking out new products though I've done almost nothing lately. And I realized that the style has been changed a lil bit, and I think I like this style better. Again, I haven't gotten a chance to try these new style, as this video said "MESSY & Beautiful". It's almost like teenager's journal. I sure need to practice my handwriting and doodling some cuties.

I just wish there was a good (and not so expensive) portable photo printer for iPhone, so I can take some snap shots print them out right there, and SMASH those in it. I may just buy Cheki...

Oh, and one thing I regret, I should have bought ALL the SMASH* products there in Fukuoka... I guess I just have to ask my hubby to take me back there sometime VERY

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Monday, May 21, 2012

New Look

Wow, it's already mid-May! Sadly I posted only a few this couple of years. Well, I've always wanted to blog. It's just... it's just... it's just my stupid OCD!!! I had been thinking about changing my blog looks, just didn't have enough time to myself. It's not like I make background and all, but couldn't find something click to my image. Then every time there was something I wanted to blog about, I opened my blog app and almost start to type... But my blog had still same old look, that really turned me off from blog spirits.

But today, thanks to Leelou Blogs, I found the layout what I like very much! This is pretty and colorful! Yay! There are a lot more wonderful layout in her blog.

So, now do I really blog more often? Again, I'd love to. I really need to talk to myself (that's what this blog for, it's all about self-satisfaction), I really need some time to myself! My hubby bought me a very nice camera (technically I ordered it and told him that's what I want for Christmas present, but that counts), have been buying A LOT of scrapbook collection which I haven't opened most of it, reading books and blogs I would like to share, planning to cook some awesome recipes... but been super duper busy and when I come home, I just want to relax with my family... (more like dead on the couch...)

But now my blog is ready with new look, I should make my progress on my to-do list one by one.;))