Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I am very excited! I found this in Fukuoka. I already knew that I would take it home with me even before I took it in my hands. What I didn't know about was it is K&Company products, so I was sure that I wouldn't regret about spending money on this when I saw the logo. Let me introduce my new partner, SMASH*!

It's a scrapbook / journal book. Very cute inside, a lot of pages with all different pattern papers. They have some types, it has all different color on the side of binders. I bought a pink one "Pretty Pink" which is all pretty girly theme pattern papers inside, and a mint green one "Baby" which is obviously the baby theme. The inside of pink one is like this;

It's just a few of them here but actually this book contains a lot of pages! For a scrapbooker like me would feel happy just looking at blank pages of this book!

Each book comes with this awesome pen which is a pen on one side and a stick glue on the other side!

I paid about 2000yen, I think. It's not bad at all. I also bought a pink pen, a blue pen, and some of their accessories.

So after I brought this babies home, of course I did some research about this products. I guess it's popular in the states (for scrapbookers, at least), and there are many you tube videos of how to and all. This one is the official one;

It looks so fun! Doesn't it?? I can watch this video over and over! I love scrapbook, and I can't help checking out new products though I've done almost nothing lately. And I realized that the style has been changed a lil bit, and I think I like this style better. Again, I haven't gotten a chance to try these new style, as this video said "MESSY & Beautiful". It's almost like teenager's journal. I sure need to practice my handwriting and doodling some cuties.

I just wish there was a good (and not so expensive) portable photo printer for iPhone, so I can take some snap shots print them out right there, and SMASH those in it. I may just buy Cheki...

Oh, and one thing I regret, I should have bought ALL the SMASH* products there in Fukuoka... I guess I just have to ask my hubby to take me back there sometime VERY

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