Tuesday, January 10, 2012

iPad2 n Digital Scrapbooking

So I got iPad2. This time, it's unlimited 3G connection so I can use Internet anywhere. And also this time, I picked Smart Cover (Pink one!) so it's not too big in my purse. Now I can take it everywhere.:)) Then I wondered... "What do I want to do on iPad?" So I was App surfing (checking out Apps in App store. It's MAKInglish if you ask:D) and I found this cool App for Digital Scrapbook called Coolibah. Coolibah is a free app, comes with free Digital Scrapbook kit. If you want more variety of frames, borders, alphabets, embellishments, and a lot of backgrounds, they have in-app purchase kits and all. It costs only $0.99 per kit/set. Only down side about this app is, because those kits are kinda heavy so it takes some times loading. I strongly recommend to save the page you've finished on iPad so you don't lose it if the app freezes and you have to re-install. (It happened on me once so far, which I didn't know the other solution so I re-install it. All the kits I bought are still safe but the page I made was gone. Fortunately I saved it on my iPad.) There is other solution according to their website, which is very useful. Anyway this is the page I made yesterday on the bus to work, took only 30 minutes.

Well, now talk about Digital Scrapbooking on iPad2... I don't think the camera on iPad2 is good at all. Maybe okay for some snapshots or maybe in some locations like sunny outside. But not good enough to make Digital Scrapbook page, I would say. I have a memory card reader for iPad so I used that to load the pictures on the layout above. The pictures taken with iPhone should be okay too I think. Or you can use iCloud. Upload on your PC and send them via iCloud. If you use dSLR then you should resize the images before save it to iCloud so it doesn't take too much space on iCloud. There are some free softwares that resize multiple pictures at the time. I downloaded this one called JTrim and it was very easy to use. I almost gave up doing these staff like Digital Scrapbook and all on iPad, but I guess everything works well on iPad2. I am glad that I got it! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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